Overall, demand for North Gaia EC condominiums continues to grow. In fact, prices continued to rise this year during the Hungry Ghost Festival. This is usually accompanied by a decrease in sales. Resale prices are currently 7.9% higher than in August 2020. COVID19 has dramatically changed our lifestyle and is responsible for certain lifestyle trends, especially in private real estate. More and more buyers are choosing larger homes so that they can work better from home. Homes in the Outside Central Region (OCR) are becoming more popular as housing priorities shift from location to size, lowering real estate prices in the Outside Central Region (OCR), and eliminating daily commuting. Is it really better to choose an OCR property for anyone looking to own a home now, or should they choose a property in the rest of Central (RCR), including the autonomous regions around the city center? ?? Let’s compare and investigate various factors! 1. Real Estate Prices for OCR and RCR Provence Residence is a cheap condo for 99 years because it is far from the city center. However, MRT Canberra Station connects residents with MRT Bishan and Orchard stations in just 5-10 stations. The North GaiaRCR property is often in a desirable neighborhood on the outskirts of the city and gets a higher price than the OCR property away from the city center. According to URA data, the average resale price for RCR properties in August 2021 was $ 1,403 psf, while the average resale price for OCR properties was $ 1,164. RCR properties are more desirable when convenience and accessibility are paramount. Those who prioritize space over centrality can opt for the OCR feature. 2. Potential rise in value After a slight fall due to the North Gaia Floor Plan pandemic, the rise in prices for RCR condominiums last year was even comparable to that for OCR condominiums. According to URA’s preliminary report on the price index of private housing in the third quarter of 2021, the price of RCR increased by 2.2% and the price of OCR decreased by 0.2%. In the previous quarter, RCR prices rose only 0.1%, while OCR prices rose 1.9%. 3. Residency Jardin, a condominium in District 21 of , has a cute rooftop infinity pool where you can swim. The pool overlooks Bukit Tima Hill and Bukit Batok Nature Park. Both the RCR and OCR condos are equipped with facilities and equipment that can improve the quality of life for residents, including pools, gyms, barbecue areas, and tennis courts. However, if you choose to use OCR, you may be able to buy a larger apartment within your budget. Increasing the space available in more rooms and / or more spacious bedrooms and communal areas can lead to a more comfortable living experience, especially if the resident spends more time at home. 4. The size OCR feature is perfect for those who want to buy a larger and more spacious home with a low PSF North Gaia Price. For example, a Queenstown 3-bedroom condo adjacent to the RCR’s Queenstown MRT is currently selling for approximately $ 1,680,000 or 1,774.02 psf. A 2-minute walk from the Boonley MRT at OCR, the condominium is a three-bedroom unit, also much more spacious at $ 1,680,000 and 1,227 sq ft, costing $ 1,369.19 per person. 5. Location Normanton Park is a great place in the suburbs due to its proximity to the National University of Singapore and the West Coast. The RCR’s district is primarily in the suburbs and is usually in high demand. These include Tiong Bahru, Telok Blangah, Queenstown, and Boon Keng. RCR properties are more convenient for those who work at CBD or who frequently travel downtown for leisure. The OCR area is further away from the city center and includes suburbs such as Jurong, Woodlands, Yishun and Changi. The OCR function, which is within walking distance from the MRT station, tends to be in high demand due to its excellent connectivity. In Singapore, location and connectivity are some of the key factors in determining the price of a home. And we’re not just talking about the neighborhood you live in. For example, North Gaia Showflat properties that have an MRI effect and are near the MRT station are about 10-15% more expensive than properties that are difficult to access. In the long run, it is best to invest in areas designated by the government for growth, or areas where capital rises from the development of nearby new MRT stations. 44474. Number of sales 6. Investment opportunity RCR real estate prices tend to be more volatile, especially in a downturn, as much of the demand for such real estate comes from foreign investors and tenants. Real estate prices in OCR tend to be more elastic as they are affordable and tend to be purchased by local buyers and HDB upgradeers. Its distinct OCR characteristics will boost the mass condominium market in 2021 and will be popular in HDB upgrades. Midwood is located in a quiet, lush Hillview district, a 4-minute walk from MRT Hillview Station on the Downtown Line. From a volume perspective, OCR tends to have more units available for new start than RCR. For large-scale development of thousands of units, OCR is more common than RCR. North Gaia Yishun Of the 10 best-selling condos in the second quarter of 2021, five were OCR and only three were RCR. RCR or OCR Condos: Which Should I Buy? The choice of place to buy an apartment for resale will ultimately depend on your budget and priorities. For those who prioritize space and have a limited budget, choosing an OCR apartment for resale is the most cost-effective solution. Thanks to the lower psf price, buyers can afford a larger and more spacious unit. This is ideal for anyone who has the option of working remotely and can reduce travel time to work. URA Large families and cross-generational families and couples who want to have more children can opt for a larger OCR unit.
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