Timeless Design
A truly upscale condominium, North Gaia tends to be perfectly designed with a love for nature, providing outstanding functionality, enabling functionality and creating a space that combines all of this. I have. North Gaia is inspired by the Japanese WabiSabi philosophy rooted in a deep understanding and appreciation for nature. The word North Gaia, which means “forest or forest,” also refers to the samurai house.

This real estate development aims to internalize this philosophy. North Gaia consists of 137 units with a variety of options from 1 to 4 bedrooms and is specially designed to accommodate the size of the number of people per unit.

The North Gaia floor plan is detailed to perfection. It contains various features, depending on the type of unit chosen (1 to 4 bedrooms), with impeccable designs nonetheless. For instance, the stunning modern four bedroom layout is a true rarity featuring full functionality. From a private balcony, a master bedroom highlighting the master suite, a fantastic ultramodern kitchen, a spacious dining area, and a living room that reflects peace and relaxation… Guest room and bedroom designed to provide maximum space for comfort, the floor plans have something for everyone and more.

The North Gaia at Yishun speaks of elegance, comfort, and convenience, as it is located at the heart of Yishun and has amenities ranging from basic to luxurious. The price of North Gaia is set to get more than the value of your money, but it’s designed for people with great tastes. The combination of luxury and tranquility makes it ideal for anyone looking for a home from home in North Gaia.

A multi-purpose development that provides an opportunity to enjoy a vibrant life and enjoy the breath of nature.

Rethinking Design: Iconic Architecture The

North Gaia EC was designed with the touch of modern architecture in mind. The iconic architecture is the perfect blend of functionality, comfort and convenience. Each unit is designed to provide comfort and luxury. Free access to world-class social facilities such as children’s playgrounds, gyms and sundeck. For those who like art, there are museums and galleries. North Gaia reminds us that a special life inspires you every day and begins with an inspiring home. This revised design is ahead of the curve.

Perfect Touch of Nature

Part of North Gaia’s philosophy is to be in harmony with nature. If you are interested in the interaction of gardens, courtyards and vast grounds, Yishun’s North Gaia is the place for you. Development includes modern green spaces that provide the peace and tranquility needed after a long day at work.

A place of security, peace and loneliness for anyone who wants to stay home in nature.

What’s more? It’s also a perfect balance because it can improve our relationship with nature. Whether you’re taking a walk in the garden or having a relaxing picnic, you’ll be in touch with nature.

Stay connected to North Gaia

North Gaia has a good public transport system, from all-weather roads to rail networks. MRT Mount Batten Station connects central, northeastern and southwestern Singapore. Enjoy a variety of bus connections and bus stations conveniently located in North Gaia Yishun. Easy access to the Pan Island Expressway, East Coast Parkway and Kallang Lebar Expressway. This advanced transportation network is ideal for anyone who wants to do business in the neighborhood with easy access to social facilities.

North Gaia Location
North Gaia gives you the inspiration you need to challenge the world. It offers a place to lift your feet when you’re tired, a design that inspires you when you need it, and an ideal environment to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Strategic location means that you can access more social facilities, join the overall community, explore their services, network and even enjoy sports at the sports hub. .. Whatever you can think of, we designed it.

Want to start the next part of your luxury life? Select North Gaia.

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