North Gaia EC Most of us have heard horror stories from friends who lost some or all of their rent bail to a malicious landlord. American entrepreneur Jeremy definitely had it. When he and his wife moved from the United States to Singapore and rented an apartment, they confirmed that they would take a picture of the property at the start of the rental and record its condition. “People warned us that landlords here in Singapore may be tough on deposits,” says Jeremy. “So I thought we were really pretty careful and well documented the condition of the apartment. Before moving, I took pictures of all the existing damage, took an overview of the apartment and recorded everything. I recorded all this. Still, Jeremy explains: He argued that it was our responsibility to damage the apartment that was there when we moved in and refuse to return the deposit. The apartment in question is more than 20 years old and has been badly worn out in the last 20 years. However, the landlord demanded that Jeremy and his wife bring everything back to a “new” state. “It was clear that North Gaia Floor Plan almost all of the damage and wear he emphasized existed before our wreath,” says Jeremy. “For example, there was a scratch on the wooden floor underneath layers of paint. Incredibly, he complained about the broken tiles-and not even in the apartment we rented. He sent me a photo as “proof” of the tile. The landlord claimed that the total cost of repairing the damage to the apartment would exceed the two months of bail paid by Jeremy and his wife. He said he wouldn’t refund the money that was close to $ 10,000. The landlord was surprised when Jeremy announced that he would bring the matter to the loss court. “Many landlords think that if you are a foreigner, the company you work for will pay the rent and security deposit. They don’t make a fuss about the company, they just hold the deposit instead of getting involved in a proceeding. I’m saying that. I’m sure it will happen a lot, “says Jeremy. “But I haven’t participated in the expatriate package. Most of us aren’t North Gaia Price there these days. That money came from our savings. That really meant something to us. So we have taken legal action. ” The landlord maintains his position in a small court dealing with disputes of less than $ 20,000 and therefore handles many issues of this kind. “The judge has decided to split the cost between us and the landlord in 50/50,” says Jeremy. “I think it was an easy solution, but of course it wasn’t the one we were particularly happy with. I lost half of my bail. According to Jeremy, the disadvantage is that some of the landlord’s allegations could not be fully disproved. “I thought we were pretty careful, but we couldn’t take enough pictures. There were some things we couldn’t clearly prove that we weren’t responsible,” Jeremy said. say. “In retrospect, I should have been more thorough. I thought it was enough to record the condition of the apartment and the major flaws. It wasn’t. When Singaporean businessman Kenneth moved to a double-decker store in a commercial building, North Gaia Showflat he was delighted to learn that his previous tenant had a vinyl floor. “But when we moved three years after the loan expired, the landlord claimed that we had installed the flooring and asked to remove it and put the flooring back in the raw cement below. “Kenneth says. “The landlord also said that the repainting I did before I moved wasn’t enough. In fact, it looked much better than when I moved! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of myself when I first moved in. We couldn’t prove that we returned the property in the best condition we found. We couldn’t prove that the floor was already there, “says Kenneth. The North Gaia Yishun landlord has obtained three offers to outsource the desired job. “The great thing is that the lowest offer was exactly $ 12,000. Exactly three months’ rent, exactly the deposit I paid,” says Kenneth. “Wow, I have my deposit. What I can’t believe was that I later learned that the property was rented with the land intact. Who knows if the picture is repainted? From a bitter experience, Jeremy and Kenneth advise anyone who wants to sign a rental agreement. Carefully document the condition of the property before moving in. Avoid the chaotic controversy when the rental agreement ends. Charles Taylor, an international claim settlement company specializing in the settlement of complex property claims and insurance contracts, provides such services through its subsidiary, CTRent Assure. To measure an average of 1,000 square feet, a three-bedroom home, or even less for smaller apartments, CTRentAssure representatives visit the property before the URA start of a new rent and create a very detailed photo report. To do. Record the condition of the rental apartment. The report takes 60 to 90 minutes to scrutinize the condition of the property, list all equipment and supplies, and provide photo, video, and written evidence recording any possible wear or damage. included. The report will be presented to the customer within 24 hours after being certified by the appraiser. You can then keep it for future reference and use it as evidence in the event of a dispute. Coupled with the “Checkout” status report, such professional interviews are a smooth and easy delivery of the property, or a “your word for my word” discrepancy, legal HDB confusion, and potentially a number. It can mean a difference of a thousand dollars in loss. We are all
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