“Some young couples may have North Gaia ECfinancial difficulties,” says Mak. “If you’re not in a hurry, you can apply for an HDBBTO apartment, but unlike resale homes, BTO homes aren’t available in all HDB cities in Singapore.” BTO homes are usually the same. Mak adds that it is about 15-25% cheaper than similar resale homes in the city. Therefore, BTO apartment buyers are already buying at a discounted price. However, if it can be sold in the resale market, it may mean a waiting period of 8 to 10 years from the application for the BTO condominium to the end of the 5 year MOP. “HDB resale prices can fluctuate during this period,” he observes. “But the long-term trend is usually up. Therefore, BTO home buyers can get greater capital gains over time. It can be $ 200,000 higher than the original purchase price. But it comes after a 10-year North Gaia Floor Plan waiting period. “Therefore, those who can afford it will buy a private condominium rather than an HDB apartment,” he says. “You may not have to wait 10 years to see a $ 200,000 capital gain North Gaia Price.” Another drawback is that BTO apartments don’t necessarily have to be where young couples want. Some may want to live near their parents. However, Lim says his parents may live in an old housing complex with few BTO apartments. BTO apartments tend to have too many applications, especially in popular residential areas. And this adds an element of uncertainty to the BTO flat buying process, he adds. Meanwhile, in the HDB resale market, first-time buyers can more safely secure apartments that meet both personal and lifestyle standards, Lim said. B. Family allowance, extended housing allowance, and neighbor housing allowance. 10-year commitment to the highest quality apartments of the future The government is already trying to cool the HDB market with a new social housing model called “Prime Location Public Housing (PLH)”. Even if you want to buy these new BTO apartments in a prime location, you still have to meet the monthly household income limit of $ 14,000. However, the MOP period is 10 years instead of 5 years. Further restrictions are the repayment of housing subsidies in case of resale and the non-rental of the entire apartment by MOP. “These restrictions make it unattractive to investors,” says Mak. “For buyers looking for a place to live.” Whether this affects the resale price of HDB depends on the number of PLH apartments released. “PLH apartment buyers will soon be unable to move to private land,” Mak adds. “And they may not enjoy the same benefits as other HDB resales.” However, North Gaia Showflat private condominiums and HDB resale homes near the PLH-BTO project may benefit from pilgrims in demand, Mak said. Says. The restrictions apply only to BTO apartments in prime locations. “The government will continue to develop build-to-order housing in other parts of Singapore,” he added. Another way to cool the HDB market is to increase supply. However, due to supply chain interruptions, launches are less aggressive. According to Mack, the government launched 16,800 HDB-BTO homes last year, about 17,000 this year, and an additional 17,000 homes next year. Mak emphasizes that it is unlikely that a surge in supply will soon stall prices as the market cools. Current sales dynamics may continue until at least the first half of 2022. However, he points out that the pace of price increases could slow next year as the government increases the supply of build-to-order homes, including prime-sized homes. Private resale recovered North Gaia Yishun HDB Not only resale but also increased activity was seen. In addition to new home sales, the resale business of private residential real estate also increased. In the first nine months of 2021, 10,009 new private apartments were sold. This is already higher than pre-Covid 9,912 units in 2019. Resale of private homes totaled 15,214 units, 1.7 times more than 8,949 transactions in 2019. Interestingly, the market share of resale of private homes in the overall housing market rose from 20.1% in 2019 to 31.5% in December. The first three quarters of 2021. The HDB resale market share shrank from 53.2% in 2019 to 31.5%, 47.8% in the first nine months of the year. “This means that the beneficiaries of privately owned HDB resale apartments have been upgraded,” Lim estimates. Mak attributed it to homeowners who want a complete home unit that can be moved quickly. That’s why they chose private resale condominiums over new startups. “It partially fuels demand in the private resale market,” he adds.
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